A Call to Action

I have heard it said that trying to gather Atheists is like trying to herd cats. That’s not entirely wrong. Many of us tend to be strong willed, thoughtful, opinionated, independent and some of us our fiercely anti establishment. I don’t mean to be narrow, we are many things which includes being capable of making a greater impact in this time of illogical reasoning and overt denialism of science or reality. Are we, as Atheists, denying the potential power of a unified front because we are not organized?

I know, I know. Some of you are thinking, “Um, we don’t have a leader and we don’t want one.” Gotcha. Can we even afford to think that way right now? Let’s discuss.

Denialism is taking over conservative American culture. Denial of Science, disease, election results, and civility just to name a few. To make matters worse, conservatives have reinvented Jesus. Yes, Christian Jesus is dead and Republican Jesus has been born in his stead. So you might be thinking, “Why does that matter?


The balance of power in the United States has been seized by radical fundamentalist Christians with a political agenda of creating their perfect union that allows for their fundamental denial science and human rights on a scale unseen in over a hundred years. You may be reading this and think that I am fear mongering or over reacting to the political climate but one thing is certain – history repeats itself.

What does that mean for Atheists? Currently Atheists can be executed in 14 countries across the middle east. It was only in the last 70 years that paganism has truly began to resurface after years of hiding in the shadows. Laws that had created against it combined with the stigma and memory of 125 + years of persecution (and by persecution I really mean slaughter of millions of innocent people) for being “witches” which began in the late 1400’s across Europe. If you’re not familiar with the time in which Christians preferred bloodshed over prayers, give it a quick google. Not to mention that Christians, Jews and Muslims have been killing each other for thousands of years and they believe they have a common ancestor, you know, that schizophrenic guy name Abraham that heard voices and nearly killed his own son. They kill each other without conscience, and when given the freedom to rule with religious law, they make it legal to kill us.

So how passive do we continue to be? Atheists aren’t a voting block. We don’t have representation, and/or consideration in politics. We aren’t considered within the walls of Congress or in the White House. We are discriminated at at work, school, and by our families and friends. We hide and suppress our opinions and the ability to be true selves to not upset the religious majority around us, and it needs to end.

When is it time to stand together?

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